Powermatic Legacy 2100: The Legacy of a Champion


2100Thousands upon thousands of PowerMatic owners can testify to the incredible cleaning performance and long term reliability of this marvelously built truck mount.  The PowerMatic Legacy 2100 is still the truck mount by which the cleaning performance of all others are measured.  If you are even considering expanding into hard surface floor and stone care, the PowerMatic Legacy 2100 is the only truck mount that will maintain the cleaning temperatures you need at the necessary higher water flow rates.

The Power of Water Flow

Strip away the others hype and promises and you will see that nobody, but nobody’s truck mount can produce hot water at higher water flow rates as a PowerMatic Legacy 2100.  The PowerMatic Legacy maintains 250°F cleaning solution temperatures at 40% more water flow than heat exchange equipped truck mounts.  Higher water flow means more efficient flushing of soils, reduced chemical usage, and quicker drying times.  Put the PowerMatic Legacy 2100 side-by-side with any other truck mount built in the world, and it will out clean; out perform; and out heat; and it will continue to perform that way for years to come.

Quick reference guide

  • Solution Heating: 240XL On-Demand Fuel Oil Heating System attains 250°F at 2.1 gpm waterflow.
  • Solution Pressure: CAT Industrial produces up to 1500 PSI at 3.5 gpm.
  • Vacuum: Tuthill Blower System produces up to 325 cfm (293 cfm at 10″ hg).
  • Engine: Kohler 25HP air cooled engine.

Elegantly Equipped

The PowerMatic Legacy 2100 has more time and money saving features than any other truck mount.  An automatic solution filling tank allows your rinse detergent to be mixed hot.  A three-way quick- change valve allows for rapidly changing from pressure washing to carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning.  The 2250 w generator provides spark to the fuel oil heating system and auxiliary power for power wands, air movers, lights and more.  The large capacity waste water recovery tank (105 usable gallons) increases time spent on the job earning money.  Automatic downtime prevention mechanisms are built right in.  Before you spend thousands of dollars more for a truck mount that does less, get the facts on the dual wand cleaning, deflooding, hard surface cleaning and awesome carpet cleaning power of a PowerMatic Legacy 2100.

Born to Run, Bred for Reliability

No other truck mount has the long-term performance and maintenance track record of the PowerMatic Legacy 2100.  Born to run means uncompromising component engineering that produces the most consistent truck mount performance in every category.  Bred for reliability means an easy to operate and maintain structure with perimeter access for service.  Arrange a factory authorized demonstration of the PowerMatic Legacy 2100.  If it doesn’t get hot, we don’t make it.